9/18/14: Patrick Kane preps for training camp [X]

What gets me here is that he gets that much height/distance when starting on only one foot.  Do you know how much strength he must have in his ankles to do that??

Also, what happens to the guys who get a bad single foot takeoff?  Do they land on that metal wheel?  Is this a way of winnowing people out - those who don’t injury themselves prepping for training camp are allowed to attend, all others get vouchers to the local ER?

What happens if someone reaches beyond the end of the measuring mat? *cough*overachieverToews*cough*

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“We get sick of each other.”

I love this dynamic between them. Jonny wanting Kaner’s attention and Kaner just sitting there taking it.


yesssss lets talk about how Jonny throws his arm over Kaner’s shoulders and jostles him and lets face it he probably only threw his empty water bottles on Kaner’s side of the hotel room for attention. 

Reblog every time I see this.
Say no more Jonny, you’re being obvious here
So many gifs where Jonny looks at Kaner fondly and does all sorts of stuff to get the little man’s attention
And Kaner just keeps being oblivious most of the time
I need some fics about this! This is totally a pattern of them.

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so many people on the Penguins facebook bitching that the new thirds look too similar to Boston’s jerseys


no, they look EXACTLY like the Penguins jerseys from the 90’s



did you all come around in the last few years and refuse to learn about anything involving the Penguins pre-2008?

where’s olli? there he is!

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Blackhawks Beat Reports Being Sassy (2/?)

Subject: Marian Hossa

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


giroux saying he would build a team around giroux is literally the highlight of 2014 so far

"Like I’ve said five times already…" (9.18.14)

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Erik Karlsson being all cute & stuff getting pumped for preseason.

Erik Karlsson is excited to get this season going!

Erik Karlsson referring to himself in the third person should not be a thing Erik Karlsson…

Erik Karlsson loves you too :)

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Flyer’s spam: Danny B

DANNY DANNY DAAAAAAANNYYYY!!!! Damn. Is it terrible that I’m jealous of his legs. D= Mine never look that skinny in running shoes, always got to wear heels to get that look :[

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1/19/14 Blackhawks @ Bruins: Jonathan Toews yells encouragement to Patrick Kane in the shootout (NHL Revealed, ep. 2)

Spoiler: He scores.

(Many ♥s to two-ems and crownofbananas for helping to decipher the audio!)

baby peach fuzz & mini mutton chops

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